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Official Streaming & Creator Guidelines


Audiovisual Content Creation Guidelines

We welcome you to create content based on Rotaeno, such as videos to be published on YouTube and live streaming on Twitch. In order to foster a consistent and healthy Rotaeno community, we hope that you will read and respect the following guidelines before creating your content.



  •  We welcome creators to produce content including, but not limited to, the following: gameplay experience, introductions, reviews, handheld song playthroughs, and live streaming.

  • Take consideration for the Rotaeno community when including content which may contain spoilers. While we ask you to please warn viewers before including such spoilers, this creative decision is ultimately your responsibility.

  • To avoid physical discomfort to viewers watching gameplay videos due to Rotaeno's unique rotation mechanics, we recommend that creators produce gameplay videos that include their hands or have had their recording stabilized. (Please refer to the "Rotation Stabilization" section below)

  • Please do not publish your content for official marketing purposes.

  • All content produced must be an original creation and show unaltered gameplay; do not separate songs and videos.

  • Please do not simply republish official Rotaeno footage.

  • We strictly prohibit the inclusion of inappropriate materials (illegal, discriminatory, or otherwise) in Rotaeno videos, and reserve the right to remove such content.

  • We also strictly prohibit the disclosure of any Rotaeno content that has not yet been officially released or has been leaked in advance, and reserve the right to remove such content.

  • Licensing and permission for use of any content marked in Rotaeno as a "collaboration" (this tag will be visible in-game) does not extend to our users. You will need to contact the original creator of collaborative content and request their permission before using it in your own creative content.



  • You are permitted to upload your content to whichever video or streaming platform you prefer.


About Streaming Mode

  • Enabling Streaming Mode will help creators avoid issues with Content ID copyright claims. Selecting the option "Mute all non-original songs" will greatly limit the songs available to play, but help prevent such claims against your content.

  • Although we have provided this Streaming Mode, we cannot guarantee that our list of "safe" songs is always up to date, and therefore do not bear any responsibility for unintended Content ID copyright claims.


Monetization Guidelines:

  • If your creative content is for personal use only and is free to watch, you may monetize it in the following ways: monetization from the host platform; voluntary donations from viewers.

  • If you represent a company or legal entity and create content based on Rotaeno, such content will be recognized as having a commercial purpose. Please contact us before using and creating Rotaeno content for commercial purposes.



  • These guidelines are only related to content from Rotaeno and Dream Engine Games Limited.

  • We reserve the right to modify or delete relevant to these guidelines. In addition, the final interpretation of these guidelines rests solely with Dream Engine Games Limited.


Rotation Stabilization

Due to Rotaeno's unique rotation controls and gameplay, directly publishing screen recordings may cause some viewers to become disoriented or dizzy. In order to counter this effect, we recommend you to correct the rotation angle of the recording screen by the following method to improve viewer interaction and enjoyment.

After enabling Streaming Mode, color squares will be shown at the four corners of your device's screen. These four squares serve as anchor points for post-production stabilization. You may use the following methods to stabilize the in-game view:


Stabilization method 1: OBS plugin

Currently in development; available at a later date

Stabilization method 2 After Effects Expression (advanced)

  1. Import your video into After Effects. Notice the 4 color squares in each corner of the screen. These squares, shown while Streaming Mode is enabled, may be used as rotation stabilization points.

  2. Select your video layer and navigate to Transform > Rotation > Edit Expression. Next, copy and paste the Expression code from below. This will ensure that your screen recording rotates to mimic actual gameplay and properly stabilizes it for your viewers' enjoyment.

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