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Business / Media Enquiries

I want to submit songs!

I want to draw illustrations!

Send your portfolio to , with your (artist) name included in the header.

If possible, please include a quote of your commission price for commercial work with full rights licensed to us.*

We will reply with a confirmation letter to you within 7 days.

However, due to the large number of submissions and the time needed to plan future updates, we might not be able to tell you our decision instantly. However, we promise that we will review your work with care, and if we have a suitable update in the future, we will contact you then and commission you!

* We will credit you in the game, and you could still use the work for your own portfolio site, or upload it to your socials after the work has gone public in Rotaeno.

I want to design charts!

We currently have enough charters for the game, and we currently do not have plans to recruit more charters in the near future. Sorry ;_;

I want to ask you something about the game!

Join Our Discord, and chat with the dev team and other wonderful players!

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