Delay Annoucement | 延期通知 | 遅延のお知らせ


Dear fans,

We are sorry to announce that Rotaeno’s release will be delayed to 2021.

We knew that you have been looking forward to Rotaeno’s release for a very long time. We are really, really sorry that we have to make this decision to delay Rotaeno once again.

Previously, we scheduled Rotaeno’s release to summer 2020. However, under the hood, it is quite a tight deadline. Although right now, we completed a basic version of Rotaeno v1.0, many parts of it were rushed, and we also cut a lot of features to get it done for the previous release date. Our publisher also doesn’t get enough time to prepare for a simultaneous global release.

We have been working on Rotaeno for years, and we definitely wanted to let you play it as soon as possible. We are really sad that we have to delay it once again, but we believe that this is the best decision for Rotaeno in the long run.

While our publisher is working hard on the publication process, the development team will take this time to further improve Rotaeno. We will add more new songs, polished the rushed parts, reimplement some of the cut features, and maybe even introduce a new story mode. We will make sure that Rotaeno will be as best as it could be when it finally releases.

Thank you for your ongoing support.


Rotaeno Team (Dream Engine Games)










Rotaeno 開發團隊 (Dream Engine Games)